Virtual Reality Helps Seniors With Isolation and Physical Health

“There are several apps that allow anyone who is using VR, particularly in this case blessed elders, to actually partake and getting up, walking around, running, moving,” said Wade. “Actually, many of these apps can be tied to your watch, to track your motions and track your heart rate and that can of course be … Read more

Mixed Reality Display Improves Cardiac Ablation Accuracy

The results showed there was no difference in navigation times with either ELVIS or EAMS, but the physicians were significantly more accurate with ELVIS, with an error margin of just 2.99 mm, compared to 4.50 mm for EAMS. When translated to cardiac ablation outcomes, 34% of the ablation lesions created using EAMS would be made … Read more

Real-time Augmented Reality Three-dimensional Guided Robotic Radical Prostatectomy: Preliminary Experience and Evaluation of the Impact on Surgical Planning

AR-3D guided surgery is useful for improving the real-time identification of the index lesion and allows changing of the NS approach in approximately one out of three cases, with overall appropriateness of 94.4%. In this article, authors measure the improvement of accuracy in a prostatectomy du to AR guided tool. Source: Real-time Augmented Reality Three-dimensional … Read more

Virtual Reality May Ease Chronic Pain

VR for pain is still in its infancy and questions remain, including concerns about habituation and cost, Lamington observed.”An important advancement would be the portability of VR for widespread use in private practice, and eventually in homes, where patients can use it for chronic pain, physical therapy, and long-term rehab,” he noted. Now, we can … Read more

Belgian scaleup Oncomfort raises €10 million to further develop its “Digital Sedation” through virtual reality

With this new fund raising, Oncomfort will expand possibilities of “Digital Sedation” product. The company wants also to be more present on the US market. You can note that one of the investors is the swiss Debiopharm, a biopharmaceutical group of companies active in drug development. Oncomfort plans to use the €10 million of this Series A … Read more

Virtual Reality Reduces Pain in Laboring Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial

From March 2018 to February 2019, 40 subjects were enrolled, randomized, and completed the study; 19 were randomized to control and 21 to the VR arm. Most baseline characteristics were similar between groups. For the primary outcome, those assigned to the control arm had a statistically significant increase in pain of +0.58, while the VR … Read more

Researchers use virtual reality to train bystanders to respond to overdoses

This VR simulation helps people to recognize what is a overdose and how to react. This application need only a smartphone and a cardboard. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a virtual-reality video that trains people to give overdose victims naloxone, the lifesaving opioid-reversal medicine. And a study the researchers conducted shows the virtual … Read more

Pixee Medical completes its first total knee replacement surgery guided by the Vuzix M400 smart glasses

The Pixee Medical team presents a very impressive surgery of knee. The surgeon use a AR glass and the Knee+ solution. Pixee Medical, a France-based medical company, in collaboration with Dr. Jérôme Villeminot and his team from Clinique St Odile in Haguenau (France), have successfully validated a new milestone by using Knee+, the first total knee … Read more

Unlocking Healthcare’s “Digital Front Door” with Integrated Virtual Care

In this discussion, panelists talk about engage patients in virtual care. It is not focused on immersive technologies but question are close. Panelists talk about experiences “on the field” where each patient is unique and where many issues come from technical points. How to give right device to the right person? How to help him … Read more

Dubai Internet City hosts live session on growing importance of VR in mental wellness

Find in this article a short summary of a session dedicated to mental illness and VR in the last Dubai Internet City. The talk heard from Daniel Khayat, Head of Product at HTC VIVE, Niclas Wijkstrom, Co-Founder and CEO of Mimerse, and Dr Sameer Kishore, Head & Founder of Immersive VRx Lab and a Senior … Read more