Virtual reality in ophthalmology education: simulating pupil examination

It has been used with over 250 final year medical students in Queen’s University of Belfast, as part of a session called ‘The Simulated Eye Clinic’. Most had never used VR before, and there was usually a shocked but delighted reaction when they put the headset on and immediately became immersed into a virtual world. … Read more

Behavioural responses to a photovoltaic subretinal prosthesis implanted in non-human primates

It could be the first steps to a functional retinal implant to help people with vision degeneration. We also can imagine more futuristic devices like true augmented reality implants we will use instead of AR glasses. Retinal dystrophies and age-related macular degeneration related to photoreceptor degeneration can cause blindness. In blind patients, although the electrical … Read more

Augmented reality glasses may help people with low vision better navigate their environment

A research team of USC (University of Southern California) have made a system to help people with low vision to better see obstacles. The principle is quite simple : object around the user is scanned and overlapped with distinct colors through Hololens glasses. Results are very impressive despite severe limitations due to hardware. In a … Read more