7 Futuristic Professions In Healthcare You Can Still Prepare For

If you’re among the thousands of medical students worldwide or are about to pursue a degree in healthcare, it might have dawned on you that the field wouldn’t look the same by the time you get into clinical practice. With drones delivering medical supplies; an ever-increasing wealth of data from personal health sensors; and patients … Read more

Telemedicine and Virtual Reality for Cognitive Rehabilitation: A Roadmap for the COVID-19 Pandemic

VR has a number of advantages over traditional rehabilitation approaches. First, VR has a high level of ecological validity because of the sensorimotor interaction between the user and the virtual environment, allowing to transfer skills from virtual to real word. Second, the compliance and the satisfaction of the patient when interacting with the enriched computer-generated … Read more

The digital future of the healthcare industry

Look at this travel in the close future for healthcare, done by authors from the “NHS Long Term Plan” (UK). Revolutions? By 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) will be used to help clinicians in applying best practice and supporting patients in managing their health and condition. Predictive techniques will be used to support local health systems … Read more

VR & AR for Healthcare & Pharma – Overcome Challenges, Find Opportunities and Drive ROI

In this webinar from http://vr-intelligence.com/ you will find many interesting ways to use VR (and sometime AR) in healthcare. Don’t forget to join the http://vr-intelligence.com/ community to be awarded of new webinars and meeting (like VRX Conference and Expo (December 12-13, San Francisco)!

It’s Official, The Transhuman Era Has Begun (for Gartner)

The new Gartner Hype Cycle (2018) is about to be published and this year biology takes a central position in it. To be precise, Gartner talks about to possibility of biology to change our life or even “redefining life” entirely ! And it’s not the future, it’s tomorrow ! The possibilities are amazing, of course, … Read more

Augmented Reality Is Changing Industries From Real Estate To Medicine [Infographic]

What is crystal clear in this infographic is that healthcare is one of the most promising domain for the development of immersive technologies, and specially augmented reality. There are dozens of amazing applications for augmented reality right now, and the technology is really only starting to take off. Learn more about the latest augmented reality … Read more