4 Examples Of Merging Gaming & Digital Health

In this article, author explain why it’s interesting to “gamify” some parts of health domain and how digitalisation of this sector could benefit of it. From treatment to research, games and games functionalities are powerful tools to help patients. Of course, developers of health apps also made use of gamified features to help users better … Read more

How Virtual Reality Video Games Are Helping Patients Regain Mobility

In this article you will discover an US gaming platform, MindMotion Go, used by medical people to help patients in the rehabilitation phase. One the the main advantages of this tool is the ability to use it with a very simple device, even at home. According to Dr. Preeti Raghavan, of the Johns Hopkins School … Read more

The future of doctor training is video games and robots

Are games good to train physicians and medical professionals ? The startup Level Ex thinks yes and offers many applications to illustrate this principle! Level Ex is one of several companies reimagining ongoing medical education for doctors. There are a bevy of technologies entering this space, including virtual reality, augmented reality, video games like those … Read more

Taiwan university develops VR horseback riding

The National Pingtung University in Taiwan develop a very special device of VR to help patients in the rehabilitation period : an horseback riding simulator. Combining immersion and game, the system is very useful to increase patient motivation! In collaboration with Golden Hospital in the southern county of Pingtung, National Pingtung University developed the system … Read more

This Children’s Hospital Uses HoloLens & Augmented Reality to Calm Young Patients During Medical Procedures

We have now many examples of how augmented reality can help patient to control or even forget stress before treatment. In this article the CHARIOT team of Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford uses AR and an animated 3D character to distract child and explains the purpose of the care. In one example, an AR experience developed … Read more