Can VR and AR Help with Phobias?

AR and VR are currently being used in a host of real-world medical scenarios. And medical practitioners themselves are increasingly realising the benefits of the technology. According to GlobalData’s 2021 poll on digital health in neurology, 18% of 109 industry respondents thought AR and VR solutions would be the most suitable technology to treat mental … Read more

XRHealth launches VR telehealth clinic

The “VR Telehealth Clinic” of XRHealth was lauched last month in 8 US states. The goal is to help patients to be well at home and, at the same time, constantly monitored by a physician. The system is covered by major US insurance providers. Patients will be given an assessment by one of XRHealth’s telehealth … Read more

Neuradom, une révolution dans les soins à domicile

Le système Autonhome a été imaginé par une équipe de praticien pour faciliter la rééducation à domicile et combattre l’ennui et la solitude des exercices. Autonhome est à la fois un outil, avec ordinateur, caméra, capteurs, écran géant et connexion Internet, et un programme médical. De loin, on pourrait croire à un jeu vidéo. La … Read more