Johns Hopkins Performs Its First Augmented Reality Surgeries in Patients

Johns Hopkins neurosurgeons have performed the institution’s first augmented reality surgeries in living patients. During the first procedure on June 8, 2020, the physicians placed six screws in a patient’s spine for spinal fusion surgery to fuse three vertebrae in order to relieve the patient’s chronic, debilitating back pain. For the second surgery on June … Read more

Balancing Virtual and In-Person Health Care

We believe a cleaner approach is dedicated sessions of all in-person or all virtual care where the practice setting can be optimized. When offering virtual care, providers will need dedicated equipment, space, and focus to efficiently deliver virtually in a block of time. They can use smart devices (phones and tablets) for virtual visits but … Read more

5G is here: how health systems can capitalize on the new cellular standard

In this interview of Clint Cetti (global director of strategy and innovation at AT&T) tals about the uses of 5G and “edge computing” in the context of health. Many things is presented in the text but one of the most interesting is the evolution of the “hospital”. This place will be connected directly to the … Read more