The Science of Virtual Reality: How VR Helps with Memory Retention

In this article you will find an interesting summary about the uses of immersive technology in attention and memory. Two main studies are presented and, as you can imagine, VR is very useful for memory retention. It’s safe to say that participants from both studies echoed an overwhelmingly positive response by using VR during learning … Read more

VR for Seniors: VR Initiatives for Senior Care Residents

In this article, we will find many cases of VR uses in senior living communities. It is not only about physical health because these tools are very adapted to bring “useful” entertainment. Many studies measure benefices of VR tools for elderly people (memory, engagement, physical exercises, feeling of presence, virtuel visits, etc.) The common thread … Read more

Researchers develop new augmented reality app to assess spatial memory

With this application, researchers provide an easy way to train memory for people with Alzheimer’s disease. The tool could be also used to monitor patient illness evolution and to discover early element of spatial disorders for childs Researchers of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and the University of Zaragoza have developed an augmented reality … Read more