Virtual Reality Therapy Could Give Relief to Seniors

While studies suggest that traditional reminiscence therapy can significantly improve the well-being of older people, V.R. has the potential to make it more immersive and impactful. By putting on a headset, Mr. Faulkner could walk along the virtual Cliffs of Moher in western Ireland, just as he’d done with his wife several years earlier. Source: … Read more

Inside the Effort to Expand Virtual Reality Treatments for Mental Health

Rothbaum and her collaborator, computer scientist Larry Hodges, were set on devising a virtual alternative to traditional exposure therapy, in which therapists help patients confront anxiety-inducing stimuli in real life or by simply visualizing triggers. Using VR meant that Rothbaum didn’t have to rely on her patients’ imaginations, or physically take them to the highest … Read more

Automated virtual reality therapy to treat agoraphobic avoidance and distress in patients with psychosis (gameChange): a multicentre, parallel-group, single-blind, randomised, controlled trial in England with mediation and moderation analyses

Automated VR therapy led to significant reductions in anxious avoidance of, and distress in, everyday situations compared with usual care alone. The mediation analysis indicated that the VR therapy worked in accordance with the cognitive model by reducing anxious thoughts and associated protective behaviours. Source: Automated virtual reality therapy to treat agoraphobic avoidance and distress … Read more

Virtual Reality Turns Games Into Treatments

Joe O’Connor, 62, who lives near Worcester, Mass., was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease six years ago. Exercise is one of the only things that slows the progress of the chronic disease, so he works out avidly — often in a virtual reality world. He dances. He plays tennis. He enjoys games that help him work … Read more

Virtual Reality Therapy for Suicide Prevention Training

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been at the forefront of using virtual reality to help treat patients. However, it’s not just veterans that are benefiting from using VR technology to address mental health issues.Active-duty military personnel, most prominently in the Air Force and Army, are using VR headsets and software to address healing from … Read more

Virtual reality helps people stay fit and well through lockdown

Lead author, Dr. Alessandro Siani, from the University’s School of Biological Sciences, said: “VR appears to have had a striking and positive impact on people’s mental and physical wellbeing during periods of forced lockdown.”Participants reported that ‘exer-gaming’ using a VR headset resulted in considerably more vigorous physical activity than doing so using a traditional gaming … Read more

VR in Therapy: VR’s Positive Impact on Mental Health – VRFocus

A review article on the use of RV in treatment of mental illness. Even if numbers are from the UK, it highlights all benefices for patients and therapists. There is currently a clinical trial taking place across NHS trusts throughout the UK, the largest of its kind, led by the University of Oxford and Oxford … Read more

Psychothérapie et réalité virtuelle aux Éditions Odile Jacob

Le Dr Eric Malbos publie un livre en collaboration avec Rodolphe Oppenheimer, où il partage presque 20 ans d’utilisations des technologies immersives dans les soins liés à la santé mentale. Une approche didactique qui permet à tous de mieux comprendre comment ces technologies peuvent améliorer la vie des patients. Comment ne plus avoir peur de … Read more

Dubai Internet City hosts live session on growing importance of VR in mental wellness

Find in this article a short summary of a session dedicated to mental illness and VR in the last Dubai Internet City. The talk heard from Daniel Khayat, Head of Product at HTC VIVE, Niclas Wijkstrom, Co-Founder and CEO of Mimerse, and Dr Sameer Kishore, Head & Founder of Immersive VRx Lab and a Senior … Read more

Une start-up de Perpignan propose des randonnées virtuelles aux personnes à mobilité réduite

Vythisi est une jeune entreprise de Perpignan qui propose des balades en vidéos 360°. Testées dans plusieurs établissements, l’effet de ces expériences a été surprenante pour l’équipe de l’entreprise et pour le personnel soignant. “Je vois des bateaux, j’entends le clapotis de l’eau, la mer est magnifique !, s’enthousiasme le retraité, ancien passionné de randonnée. … Read more