How smart glasses will transform surgery

In this short video, we will see how AR glasses is used by a team of Munich’s Technical University in surgery. Researchers at Munich’s Technical University are developing smart surgical glasses for operating theaters. Allowing for a 3D visual representation of the patient, Augmented Reality is set to revolutionize surgery. Source: How smart glasses will … Read more

Augmented Reality Perceives Real-Time Pain of Patients

CLARAi (clinical augmented reality and artificial intelligence) is a experimental tool developed by the University of Michigan to measure and to show “pain level” as objectively as possible. It uses Microsoft HoloLens AR glasses to help physicians to visualize pain “on the head” of patient! Another great advantage of CLARAi is to possibility to transport … Read more

Medical Software Maker Medivis Closes $2.3 Million in Funding to Bring HoloLens to Surgical Platform

Christopher Morley, co-founder of Medivis, wants that surgeons see directly in 3D during operation and don’t be distracted by converting 2D medical picture to the “real world”. To do that, Medivis is developing a complete set of software and the company is working with Microsoft Hololens. With this fund raising, they will spread the Medivis … Read more

Augmented reality surgical technology unveiled by Philips and Microsoft

Just after the presentation of the new version of Hololens by Microsoft at MWC, Philips shown an use case in healthcare, precisely in surgery. Connected with Philipes Azurion platform, Hololens allows people to easily see 2D and 3D pictures from various instruments. This tool gives also a more natural way to interact with digital data, … Read more

France performs world’s first virtual reality surgery

This operation has been done with Microsoft Hololense. The AR glasses facilitates access to data like X-rays, scanners and MRIs thanks to uses of 3D reconstructed models directly projected on the patient. It is also possible to prepare the operation with these technologies and, during the surgical intervention, the surgeon could be “assisted” by colleagues. … Read more