Taiwan university develops VR horseback riding

The National Pingtung University in Taiwan develop a very special device of VR to help patients in the rehabilitation period : an horseback riding simulator. Combining immersion and game, the system is very useful to increase patient motivation! In collaboration with Golden Hospital in the southern county of Pingtung, National Pingtung University developed the system … Read more

Un tapis de course en RV pour le centre de revalidation de l’UZ Gent

Le centre de revalidation de l’UZ Gent complète son “Smart Space” avec un système de marche incluant un écran immersif pour aider les utilisateurs à entrer dans un monde les encourageant à se déplacer. Plusieurs études ont montré que cette équipement et la motivation qu’il induit, entraine une améliorations des conditions physiques des patients. “Nous … Read more

Physiological Monitoring During Augmented Reality Exercise Confirms Advantages to Health and Well-Being

In this very interesting study about the use of AR as a way to encourage physical exercices, authors demonstrate that results are clear and mesured. AR helps the gamification of exercices and increase the implication of users. The immersion helps also to make exercices for a longer time. This study successfully showed that inexpensive easy-to-use … Read more