School of Nursing introduces a new, cost-effective form of training: Virtual reality

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing uses today the immersive solution developed by Oxford Medical Simulation to train nurses to be prepared for difficult situations. Theses tools wasn’t use alone but with other methods like manikins, live actors and clinical visits with hospital patients. This program was boosted by the pandemic situation, as students weren’t allowed … Read more

Diligent Robotics raises $10 million for nurse assistant robot Moxi

Moxi is designed to reduce nurse workloads by handling tasks like collecting supplies, gathering soiled linens, and delivering fresh ones, and it’s coming to market during the COVID-19 crisis, when nurses are in short supply. In addition to tackling mundane aspects of the job, the robot can also help reduce health care professionals’ exposure to … Read more

A body-swapping VR experience for healthcare training for SAGE Publishing.

The SUSAN Project is a learning experience using VR to help future nurse to develop their soft skills in a very particular situation : taking care of a patient with suicidal thoughts. The project is done in partnership with Somewhere Else VR company and a team of UCL MedTech Society. Working with Subject Matter Experts … Read more