Virtual Reality In Health and Well-being on Guernsey

On the island of Guernsey, patient will test VR soon to fight chronic pains and phobias. VR is a simulated experience that can be similar to, or completely different from the real world.  It was first applied in pain management as a distraction tool for burns patients that were having difficult procedures that were traumatic for them. … Read more

New Study: VR Changes Mood Before Blood Donations

In this article, a study about the impact of VR use on 33 blood donors at the American Red Cross is presented. With only a simple software and a 4 minutes experience with a Oculus Go, authors showed a clear decrease of “needle fear”. The impact on negative feeling is even more impressive on younger … Read more

Augmented Reality Perceives Real-Time Pain of Patients

CLARAi (clinical augmented reality and artificial intelligence) is a experimental tool developed by the University of Michigan to measure and to show “pain level” as objectively as possible. It uses Microsoft HoloLens AR glasses to help physicians to visualize pain “on the head” of patient! Another great advantage of CLARAi is to possibility to transport … Read more

Randomized, Crossover Study of Immersive Virtual Reality to Decrease Opioid Use During Painful Wound Care Procedures in Adults

This study was made on a sample of adult patients with painful wounds from deep or partial burns. Authors used an VR world called SnowWorld (developed at the University of Washington HITLab) to reduce pain perception. They showed that 39% less opioids were administered when IVR therapy used compared with wound procedures when IVR was … Read more

VR Offers Patients a Virtual Distraction from Pain

In this short article, you can discover the use of VR for pain control at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. This experiment shows that VR help to reduce pain and anxiety for children, and reduce the need of opioids. It’s interesting to see that hardware for this action are relatively cheap.  Cedars-Sinai Medical Center … Read more

Virtual Reality Can Help Women Get Through Childbirth With Less Pain

In this article Dr. Anderson explains how VR can help mothers to deliver child with less painkillers. Even if it is not a solution for everyone and it should be used with other methods, it permits decrease drugs needs.   He said that although he already helped more than forty mothers deliver their kids with VR, … Read more