AI Application in Dentistry and its Benefits

In this short article you will learn how AI is going to transform dentistry in many ways. Of course, this technology will help dentist to find problems on bitewing radiographies (like in many other kind of pictures analysing) but it can also help to design prosthetics and even optimizing operations scheduling! Digitization has not only … Read more

Understanding Machine Learning And Deep Learning In Medicine

In this very interesting article, The Medical Futurist allows us ti better understand what is AI, which technologies are behind and, more important, what we can do now with it! AI technologies are close companions to visualisation technologies like VR ou AR. It’s very useful to study both of them to create most useful experiments. … Read more

How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Can Revolutionize Science?

In this article, Martijn Roelandse introduces a “mixed-reality Hackathon” hosted by Springer Nature and dedicated to exploration of new uses of AR and VR in sciences. It’s very interesting to see that today, many 3D observations (made with confocal devices for example) are still seen on 2D screens! Immersive technologies could revolutionize it, maybe more … Read more

New Virtual Reality Technology Allows Scientists to ‘Walk Through’ Brains

Virtual reality systems are perfect tools to help people in visualization of complex pictures, especially from high-performance microscopes (like light-sheet microscope). This new visualization ability has huge impacts on neural research. Dr. Gilles Reymond, Staff Engineer at the Wyss Center outlines the possibilities: “In the future, this could prove a very useful tool to gain … Read more