VR helps cardiologist detect patient’s injury and repair a broken heart

onning the VR headset, Steinberg was able to enlarge the heart to see the degree of blockage and its location in the vessel. He could see the hole in the septum and its proximity to vessels and, importantly, to the mechanical aortic valve implanted in Cronk in 2011. “When you’re implanting devices with a catheter, … Read more

Surgeons use HoloLens to peer into patients’ legs

At St. Mary’s HospitalĀ a team from Imperial College London use a Hololens to see “inside” the body and to prepare surgical interventions. All of the patients first underwent CT scans, to obtain 3D images of the bones and blood vessels in the injured limb. When the HoloLens-wearing doctors were subsequently performing the surgery, those images … Read more