How virtual reality will change how we see ourselves and therapy

There are huge implications for cheap, commonplace, and high-functioning virtual reality, things that Descartes could only dream of. In a fascinating piece, Joakim Vindenes from the University of Bergen writes that this “Virtual Embodiment” in a simulated body has many practical applications:“It can be exploited to reduce implicit racial bias, make offenders of domestic violence … Read more

Oxford VR Therapy Platform Lands £10 Million In Investment

Oxford VR, founded in 2017 offers services in VR therapy against fear of heights and social anxiety. The company, which span out of Oxford University’s Department of Psychiatry in 2017, raised the money in a Series A round of funding led by Optum Ventures. According to a press release, the new funds will “enable Oxford … Read more

It’s dangerous to think virtual reality is an empathy machine

Are immersive technologies (and of course VR) THE right tools to share and to develop empathy? According to Erick Ramirez (assistant professor in philosophy at Santa Clara University) it is not so clear because it’s really difficult to put a frontier between empathy and sympathy. Results such as these have led Bailenson and others to … Read more