Virtual reality in ophthalmology education: simulating pupil examination

It has been used with over 250 final year medical students in Queen’s University of Belfast, as part of a session called ‘The Simulated Eye Clinic’. Most had never used VR before, and there was usually a shocked but delighted reaction when they put the headset on and immediately became immersed into a virtual world. … Read more

Health care is already benefiting from VR

This article is a short summary of VR uses in healthcare from mental therapies to surgery training.  It emphasizes the actual need of robust studies on VR efficiency, especially in training where researchers work on links between simulation “accuracy” and people performances in real life. Scientists have used vr systems to create and control complex, … Read more

Harvis: an interactive virtual reality tool for hemodynamic modification and simulation

In this article, authors present new vascular simulations with VR visualisation. We thus developed Harvis, a software platform with a flexible GUI for performing vascular simulations and a VR-capable interface for geometry modification and flow visualization. The aim of Harvis is to streamline and integrate this process for research use and future clinical applications. Source: … Read more

InSimo crée des patients virtuels pour apprendre les gestes chirurgicaux

Le produit présenté par la société permet aux étudiants de s’entraîner dans des conditions proches du réel puisque les sensations haptiques sont rendues grâce à un bras à retour de force. C’est un nouveau produit de formation allant dans la philosophie “jamais la première fois sur le patient”. Dans le cadre des Trophées 2020 de … Read more

Taiwan university develops VR horseback riding

The National Pingtung University in Taiwan develop a very special device of VR to help patients in the rehabilitation period : an horseback riding simulator. Combining immersion and game, the system is very useful to increase patient motivation! In collaboration with Golden Hospital in the southern county of Pingtung, National Pingtung University developed the system … Read more

College of Medicine developing virtual reality training simulation

The Ohio State College of Medicine made a VR simulation to train medical students (and professionals) in a mass-casualty events context. The program has been grant by Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality for more than 1,8 millions dollars. The new VR simulation — led by Danforth and his co-principal investigator Nicholas Kman, an emergency … Read more

The Living Heart: FDA renews contract with Dassault to evaluate 3D simulation, virtual patients

The Living Heart Project of Dassault Systèmes allows virtual experiments on medical devices and even drugs since last year. There are now 130 partners in this project and the collaboration with the FDA could increase this number. The next step for Dassault Systèmes is to plan medical trials with virtual patients. With the demonstration of … Read more

Vicky Smalley presents FundamentalVR at AWE USA 2019

In this video Vicky Smalley (CTO of FundamentalVR) presents company software products and the vision behind present and future developments. She enhances the importance of accurate haptic simulation in surgery training. Our mission at FundamentalVR is to give medical personnel access to the best simulations on a day-to-day basis. We believe that every surgeon should … Read more

A Breakthrough in Medical Simulation for the Battlefield with PerSim

The United States Army will use soon an AR devices to train medical staff in realistic conditions. MedCognition will bring a set of scenarios related to medical operations in battlefield conditions. People will use it to be trained with real medical devices and, of course, with the feeling to be “on the field”. MedCognition will … Read more

Les médecins britanniques peuvent pratiquer Des soins d’urgence en réalité virtuelle

Le National Health Service anglais et la société Oxford Medical Simulation ont mis au point un outil en réalité virtuelle permettant aux médecins de s’entraîner à prendre en charge des patients en urgence diabétique. Le système permet de mieux reconnaître les symptômes et surtout de poser un diagnostique plus rapidement. Le projet est en phase … Read more