Can virtual reality make therapy more effective?

And when it comes to therapy, it would open up to a new subset of people who do not feel comfortable with regular face-to-face interactions, Dr Rogers added.“It might also enable therapists to conduct therapy more effectively at a distance, as a person can be in the therapist room (in virtual reality) while seated in … Read more

Friends With Holograms: Using VR to train social workers to sniff out child abuse

In this article, a training program for social workers is presented. It is made by Accenture to help people to develop their observation skills in a very difficult context, using VR and voice recognition. The idea is to help caseworkers refine their skills in a real-world setting, interviewing a child, a mother, and an admittedly … Read more

La réalité virtuelle pour former les médecins à l’annonce d’un événement grave

L’utilisation de la réalité virtuelle en santé est très souvent relié à la formation aux gestes techniques, que ce soit pour apprendre à utiliser des machines ou pour répéter des gestes de chirurgie. Dans cet exemple d’utilisation développé par le Laboratoire parole et langage et le Laboratoire des sciences de l’information et des systèmes (CNRS … Read more

Could Pokemon GO, Augmented Reality Apps be Used for Mental Health Therapy?

We know thah geolocalization games like Pokemon Go could help people in doing physical exercises but a new study from the from McMaster University shows that it could also be benefic for those with mental illness. When the game first came out, I noticed patients who had severe social anxiety disorder and a lot of … Read more