Dr. Jazini Performs World’s First Laminectomy With Augmented Reality

This surgery (performed at Reston Hospital Center – USA) has been made with the Xvision AR system from Augmedics company. It allows a less invasive operation with a shorter recovery time. This surgical procedure, also known as decompression, creates space and enlarges the spinal canal to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. The use … Read more

FDA greenlights Augmedics’ AR system for spinal surgery

Augmedics’ AR system is now approved by the U.S. FDA. According to the company it is the first device certified for guided surgery. The “Xvision Spine system” allows surgeons to place spine implant with a amazing precision and without looking away the patient. The possibility to see “through the skin” is also a good way … Read more

Augmented-reality navigation technology for precision surgery

In this article a surgery team from Karolinska University Hospital explains the use of augmented reality in collaboration with Philips. Surgeons use real time images with digital overlay during operation to place spinal implants. This “navigation tool” allows a fantastic accuracy and a “3D position check” for implants directly in operation room. In spine surgery, … Read more

Augmedics’ augmented-reality surgical system shows promise

In this study about spine surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the use of augmented reality system “xvision” allows a good increase of accuracy (from 94.6% to 96.7% of succeed). The main benefice is that surgeon can work without looking away from the patient. XVS essentially provides the surgeon with ‘X-ray vision’ &mash; enabling them to … Read more