Real-time Augmented Reality Three-dimensional Guided Robotic Radical Prostatectomy: Preliminary Experience and Evaluation of the Impact on Surgical Planning

AR-3D guided surgery is useful for improving the real-time identification of the index lesion and allows changing of the NS approach in approximately one out of three cases, with overall appropriateness of 94.4%. In this article, authors measure the improvement of accuracy in a prostatectomy du to AR guided tool. Source: Real-time Augmented Reality Three-dimensional … Read more

Virtual Reality Reduces Pain in Laboring Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial

From March 2018 to February 2019, 40 subjects were enrolled, randomized, and completed the study; 19 were randomized to control and 21 to the VR arm. Most baseline characteristics were similar between groups. For the primary outcome, those assigned to the control arm had a statistically significant increase in pain of +0.58, while the VR … Read more

Virtual reality in research and rehabilitation of gait and balance in Parkinson disease

In this review authors show today results of VR uses in Parkinson disease rehabilitation and emphasize the lack of large studies on this topic. They also give advices for future studies and clinical trials. This Review examines the rationale and evidence for using VR in the assessment and rehabilitation of people with PD, makes recommendations … Read more

Virtual reality in spinal endoscopy: a paradigm shift in education to support spine surgeons

In this article from “The Journal of Spine Surgery”, a review of many studies is presented about the use of immersive technologies to train surgeons. Conclusions are very simple : these technologies improve skills BUT in many cases relance is low. The need of big scale study is clear. The current scope of VR, AR, … Read more

Virtual and mixed reality inferior to traditional learning in anatomy education

In this article, a team from McMaster University explains results of its latest study about efficiency of VR and AR in teaching anatomy. Immersive technologies in this case don’t help students and, in the contrary, decrease their results! It’s a good reminder that the technology alone can’t solve all problems. Solutions have to be imagined … Read more

Virtual Reality Check: Statistical Power, Reported Results, and the Validity of Research on the Psychology of Virtual Reality and Immersive Environments

In this article authors perform a meta-analyse over more than a thousand statistical tests related to uses of VR in psychology. The study is mainly focused on statistical consistency and explore main errors seen in scientific papers. They also talk about “usual” bias in selected samples. The conclusions may seem harsh to you but it … Read more

Mount Sinai HELPS Center Study Finds Virtual Reality ACLS Simulation Training Effective for Assessing ACLS Competency

In this study conducted at Mount Sinai HELPS Center, authors compare VR and mannequin-based simulations for ACLS (Advanced Cardiopulmonary Life Support) training. They show that users measured skills in VR is closely correlated with those in classical method (with the mannequin). Even if VR can’t replace the old method, it will be very efficient to … Read more

An augmented reality approach for ADL support in Alzheimer’s disease: a crossover trial

In this study, authors demonstrate that the use of augmented reality improve the capacities of Alzheimer patient to do complex tasks. Even if the hardware (here they use Hololens from Microsoft) is not adapted to everyday life, this kind of assistance is really promising. In this crossover study, we used an augmented reality approach using … Read more

Physiological Monitoring During Augmented Reality Exercise Confirms Advantages to Health and Well-Being

In this very interesting study about the use of AR as a way to encourage physical exercices, authors demonstrate that results are clear and mesured. AR helps the gamification of exercices and increase the implication of users. The immersion helps also to make exercices for a longer time. This study successfully showed that inexpensive easy-to-use … Read more