Virtual Reality: Looking to the Future of Telehealth

While the exact mechanism of action is unclear beyond its ability to distract and force literal changes of perspective, studies by Hoffman, et. Al. have done some very interesting work looking at the neural correlates of virtual analgesia using fMRI, and showing significantly reduced pain-related brain activity in important regions including the anterior cingulate cortex, … Read more

Why the future of surgery training could start with a VR headset

In this article Erik Maltais, CEO of Immertec, lists all benefits of VR in the training of future surgeons. Of course it allows to make training more accessible but also amplifies the disponibility of very high skilled surgeons. “The benefit of virtual reality is that you could provide that experience as if someone’s present,” said … Read more

How Does Medical Virtual Reality Make Healthcare More Pleasant? 

Virtual reality and other immersive technologies has many uses in healthcare, and you can discovers some applications here. Medical virtual reality goes entirely against conventional beliefs about technology making healthcare less human, less empathetic and less caring. Virtual reality teaches empathy to med students, makes vaccination for children more sufferable, helps get rid of fears … Read more