Oxford VR Therapy Platform Lands £10 Million In Investment

Oxford VR, founded in 2017 offers services in VR therapy against fear of heights and social anxiety. The company, which span out of Oxford University’s Department of Psychiatry in 2017, raised the money in a Series A round of funding led by Optum Ventures. According to a press release, the new funds will “enable Oxford … Read more

Virtual realities: research reveals promising intervention in cancer treatment

In the Journal of Cellular Physiology, a team of Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine presented a study where VR is very efficient for stress prevention. The study was done on almost 100 women and results show significant decrease of anxiety level. Innovative research led by Temple College of Science and Technology’s Sbarro Institute … Read more

Using augmented reality and presence to treat Arachnophobia

In this article, a study from Wayne State University’s Stress, Trauma, and Anxiety Research Clinic is presented. Situational therapy using AR is not new, but here you will find interesting results of a clinical trail (90 participants). Experiment was done with Hololens 1 (Microsoft) glasses and specific applications. Next steps presented in this article are … Read more

First Major Trial Of VR Therapy For Serious Mental Health Conditions Launches

U.K. National Institute of Health Research has launched a really big project (£4 million funded) to test the efficiency of VR in mental health therapy. This project is called “gameChange” and it evolves many partners (both private and public). In particular, it will test VR products of Oxford VR start-up. The first large-scale trial on … Read more

Digital therapy for depression to be developed through pharma collaboration

We see more and more pharmaceuticals industries developing digital “add-on” to classical drugs. In this article Otsuka America explain why it’s important to think “beyond medication” to help patient in everyday life. CT-152 is a software application that will use cognitive therapy principles to treat patients either independently or in conjunction with prescribed pharmacotherapies. It … Read more