FDA clears augmented reality smartglasses for guiding knee replacement surgeries

Built into a pair of glasses, the newly FDA-cleared Knee+ system uses a camera to help judge the alignment of instruments and the knee joint itself within the surgeon’s field of view, without requiring them to change their surgical technique.Instead, the French developer relies on a series of braces labeled with QR codes that can be read … Read more

Thiruvananthapuram-based Embright Infotech uses AI, AR/VR to help autistic children learn bet

In this article, we will discover the product of a innovative Indian company created in 2017 Embright Infotech. Thez have developed Auticare, a virtual reality AI based diagnostic tool which help doctors detect signals of Autism Spectrum Disorder. This device and associated application could also be used as a therapeutic tool. Once the patient (child) … Read more

Mixed Reality Will Soon Be in the Service of Science Labs

In this article you will find a presentation of Holo4Labs tools and a description of potential uses of augmented reality in a science laboratory. This product is in fact a HMI (human-machine interface) to the software solution4labs. In HCS Pharma we have presented a very similar view of the future of laboratories at Forum Labo … Read more

Seoul sets standards for VR and AR medical devices – Korea Biomedical Review

We are probably going to see more and more AR and VR parts in future medical devices and it’s interesting to see that a innovative country like Korea works on adapted guidelines. The main goal is to help companies to develop such a tools. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) published a guideline … Read more

Follow the light: projector-based augmented reality intracorporeal system for laparoscopic surgery

In this article you can discover a AR system use to assist surgeons in laparoscopic partial nephrectomy A projector-based augmented reality intracorporeal system (PARIS) is presented that includes a miniature tracked projector, tracked marker, and laparoscopic ultrasound (LUS) transducer. PARIS was developed to improve the efficacy and safety of laparoscopic partial nephrectomy (LPN). In particular, … Read more

Augmedics’ augmented-reality surgical system shows promise

In this study about spine surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the use of augmented reality system “xvision” allows a good increase of accuracy (from 94.6% to 96.7% of succeed). The main benefice is that surgeon can work without looking away from the patient. XVS essentially provides the surgeon with ‘X-ray vision’ &mash; enabling them to … Read more

Augmented reality startup Apprentice bags $2.5M to build on uptick in biopharma interest

Apprentice uses for the moment 4 types of glasses : Microsoft HoloLens, Epson Moverio BT 200, Vuzix M100 and Vuzix M300. The software suite allows to record video, to see documents and to make a video call. It is very close to other solutions existing in industry. Apprentice has raised money to build out its biopharma-focused augmented … Read more