St. Joe’s surgeons in training use virtual reality to sharpen skills

In this article, you will discover how the St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton team continues to train surgeons, even in the COVID-19 crisis. “With virtual reality, you can go back over complicated procedures. In a real operating room, you can’t cut twice,” Dr. Khanna says. “My hypothesis is those who train virtually will be more prepared, … Read more

Swiss-based VirtaMed provides surgical training in hospitals with mobile simulation lab

As a global leader in medical simulation training, Swiss-based VirtaMed will use the coming months as a unique opportunity to provide courses with their latest surgical simulators in hospitals. From St. Gallen to Geneva, surgical departments will welcome a mobile simulation lab that is kitted out with virtual reality simulators and run by an expert … Read more

R.I. Hospital utilizes 3D, Augmented, Virtual Reality

A team from Rhode Island Hospital uses Hololens glasses to improve health education. With the help of the university’s library they also build a free repository of scientific ressources. The team focused on creating an augmented reality representation — a holoimage — of patient anatomy. These holoimage representations are hologram-like projections that are fixed in … Read more

How Osso VR is Reshaping the Surgical Training Process

Osso VR is a young Boston company which offer a VR solution to train orthopedic surgeons. In this article, Dr. Justin Barad, (CEO) explains how VR could also be use beyond initial training, to measure quantitatily skills for exemple. Training tests has been done and results are really impressive. Dr. Justin Barad hopes to extend … Read more