Virtual reality makes real-world difference for high school student with autism

In this short article, you will find how library of Churchill County High School use virtual reality to help students to understand sciences and technologies. And you will discover an unforeseen benefit  with Evan, a 18-year-old autistic student. When Worthy learned the high school library had joined a group of early adopters in a virtual … Read more

Hyderabad’s “Virtual Raasta” Showcases VR-Based Solutions For Healthcare Domain Services

Presented at last Bio Asia 2019, the “Virtual Raasta” is a VR production house based in Hyderabad (India). Since the event, this company has produced healthcare dedicated content in VR, AR and 360° videos. This is a great example of the development of this market in India, maybe one of the biggest market in asia. … Read more

Operative Anatomy of the Human Skull: A Virtual Reality Expedition

In this article, authors explain the creation of a high quality 3D model of human cranial vault. They also show the benefice of this medication for surgery training, education, and research. The skull models that were presented have the potential to serve as a novel method of understanding cranial anatomy with an emphasis on accuracy, completeness, … Read more

How virtual reality can change the way we see our molecular world

“Nano Simbox” is a application to discover molecular and atomic scale of matter. It’s design to be immersive, fully interactive and collaborative. As Dr. David Glowacki said, this application show the motion of each particles and allow you to “feel” hidden electrical interactions, or more precisely to explore many different configurations of atoms with your … Read more

CAE LucinaAR, le premier simulateur d’accouchement équipé de réalité augmentée

La division santé de CAE propose un simulateur d’accouchement utilisant à la fois une base physique et de la réalité augmentée avec Microsoft Hololens. Pour la première fois, des équipes cliniques et des apprenants seront en mesure de pratiquer des manœuvres d’urgence liées au travail et à l’accouchement sur un simulateur de patient haute fidélité … Read more

Virtual reality simulator from SimforHealth

SimforHealth, a leading french company in immersive technologies, has developed a virtual reality simulator in multi-user mode. Communication and discussion between health professionals, in the same place or at a distance is now possible thanks to the multi-user version of virtual reality clinical cases designed bySimforHealth. It will be presented in HTC VIVE’s exhibition area … Read more

Mixed Reality in Healthcare by The Medical Futurist

What if medical students could project bear-sized holographic brains in their dorm rooms when studying for an anatomy exam? What if surgeons could use those holograms to prepare for complex surgeries or even support the operations themselves? HoloLens appears to be the platform for the medical application of mixed reality, so I was curious how … Read more

A Nancy, une salle de simulation pour les futurs pharmaciens

This simulation room is made for students and help them to work in a “real” pharmacy. Immerger les futurs pharmaciens dans la pratique quotidienne de leur métier, telle est l’ambition d’Offi’Sim, un dispositif proposé par la faculté de pharmacie de l’université de Lorraine, à Nancy. « Notre métier ne consiste plus à vendre des boîtes de … Read more