How virtual reality can be used to treat anxiety and PTSD

Published by open access digital health research publisher JMIR Publications, the study looked into virtual reality exposure therapy, or VRET. This particular form of therapy is a method in which patients are steadily exposed to a traumatic stimulus with the help of virtual environments. So not confronting the traumatic stimuli in its actual form, but … Read more

Virtual Reality Therapy Plunges Patients Back Into Trauma. Here Is Why Some Swear by It.

After about seven runs through the simulation, Mr. Merkle started uncovering fragments of memory his mind had blacked out, which is a common response to trauma. He remembered the name of the soldier who had been next to him in a truck during combat. He remembered the clear feeling that he was going to die. … Read more

Acid test: how psychedelic virtual reality can help end society’s mass bad trip

The first “cyberdelic incubator” is now open in Merbourne with the support of Australian Psychedelic Society. In this place, artists and scientists use VR to explore new states of consciousness. VR exposure therapy is even starting to be used to treat trauma, such as in the case of those who have experienced car accidents and … Read more

Andrew’s Brain: An augmented reality solution to brain trauma communication

What if there was a cost effective, scalable and structured solution to help understand those with acquired brain injuries? What if clinicians, occupational therapists and speech therapists could eliminate basic flash cards and guess work, and use augmented reality to help their patients communicate? In his presentation from the 2018 eHealth Queensland Expo in Brisbane, … Read more