VR in Therapy: VR’s Positive Impact on Mental Health – VRFocus

A review article on the use of RV in treatment of mental illness. Even if numbers are from the UK, it highlights all benefices for patients and therapists. There is currently a clinical trial taking place across NHS trusts throughout the UK, the largest of its kind, led by the University of Oxford and Oxford … Read more

En Grande-Bretagne, la NHS se réjouit des bénéfices de la formation des soignants en réalité virtuelle

L’étude dévoilée par la NIH (United Kingdom National Health Service) montre que la formation des personnels de santé pour traiter des patients atteints du COVID-19 tire un bénéfice important de l’utilisation de la réalité virtuelle. Non seulement l’efficacité de la transmission d’informations et de gestes est fortement accrue mais l’agilité du dispositif le rend moins … Read more

FundamentalVR Expands Surgical Training Platform Support to Oculus Quest

The new version of FundamentalVR tool allows to use stand alone  headsets from Oculus and HTC. It’s a major ecolution to decrease devices cost for users. British tech company FundamentalVR has been at the forefront of virtual reality (VR) training in the healthcare system, primarily focused on surgical education via its Fundamental Surgery platform. Today, … Read more

North Lincolnshire lung patients first in UK to be offered ‘virtual rehab’

In the North Lincolnshire, patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) could now use a “VR kit” to help them in the rehabilitation phase. The software part of the kit is developed by Concept Health Technologies. The program is supported by NHS England after a pilote phase with impressive results. GP practices in the region … Read more

The digital future of the healthcare industry

Look at this travel in the close future for healthcare, done by authors from the “NHS Long Term Plan” (UK). Revolutions? By 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) will be used to help clinicians in applying best practice and supporting patients in managing their health and condition. Predictive techniques will be used to support local health systems … Read more

UK drugs regulator uses VR to train staff on GMP standards

MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) test VR training solutions to validate future uses in industries. These solutions will be used to train people in sterilisation and GMP setting. It will be also useful to better understand the purpose of MHRA inspection. It is very interesting to see these technologie validated by the regulator … Read more

First Major Trial Of VR Therapy For Serious Mental Health Conditions Launches

U.K. National Institute of Health Research has launched a really big project (£4 million funded) to test the efficiency of VR in mental health therapy. This project is called “gameChange” and it evolves many partners (both private and public). In particular, it will test VR products of Oxford VR start-up. The first large-scale trial on … Read more