Augmented reality: Is this the future of doctor’s appointments?

The BBC Two show Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway shows how future technology could blend with medical appointments, but how close are we to using augmented reality (AR) in our hospitals?In the show, doctors and radiologists work together with digital artists to create 3D representations of patients’ bodies. Then, the patient wears a Microsoft … Read more

NUHS testing AI, AR to help locate hard-to-find veins in some patients, Tech News News & Top Stories

The National University Health System (NUHS) announced on Friday (Dec 3) that a team under it has developed AI software that can be used with Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 AR headset to detect a patient’s veins.The process involves a healthcare worker, like a nurse, pasting a sticker on the patient’s arm so that the software can … Read more

FDA OKs Virtual-Reality Device to Correct Vision Disorder in Kids

The FDA approved the digital therapeutic device Luminopia One for pediatric amblyopia, or lazy eye.The device is approved for children ages 4 to 7 years with anisometropia and/or strabismus and is available by prescription only. By means of a virtual reality headset, the device plays therapeutically modified television programs and movies that help correct the … Read more

Behavioural responses to a photovoltaic subretinal prosthesis implanted in non-human primates

It could be the first steps to a functional retinal implant to help people with vision degeneration. We also can imagine more futuristic devices like true augmented reality implants we will use instead of AR glasses. Retinal dystrophies and age-related macular degeneration related to photoreceptor degeneration can cause blindness. In blind patients, although the electrical … Read more

Augmented reality prototype software for drug molecules developed

Is it efficient to design drugs and to manipulate molecules “with hands”? A team from company Sygnature have done many tests and they have found this method useful for collaborative work. They used Hololens and 3D rendering software to help biochemists to see shapes and structures interactions. Company now works to integrates all functionalities in … Read more

Si je tue le patient parce que j’ai suivi l’IA, qui est responsable ?

Dans cette discussion entre un médecin-chercheur (le Pr François Berger) et un philosophe (Jean-Michel Besnier) vous trouverez d’intéressantes réflexions sur l’utilisation de l’IA dans le domaine de la santé. Le point à retenir est celui de la qualité de la donnée qui alimente ces algorithmes, entre bias, émotions implicitement intégrées et simple “trous dans la … Read more

Augmented reality optimizes prostate cancer surgery

In a poster presentation at the Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS) 2018, Nicole Wake (doctoral candidate ) explains how augmented reality can help surgeons to better understand patient anatomy. In the particular case of prostate cancer, the preoperative planning is closely related to relationships between the tumor and nearby structures. The use of a Hololens AR helmet to “see … Read more

Schizophrénie : “être prisonnier d’une autre réalité”

Dans cette campagne de sensibilisation la fondation Pierre Deniker à pris le parti d’utiliser la réalité virtuelle comme illustration de la schizophrénie. Le résultat est particulièrement parlant et fait immédiatement rentrer dans la vision du malade. L’objectif de cette campagne est la déstigmatisation de la schizophrénie”, nous explique la responsable de communication du projet. “Il … Read more

Surgeons use HoloLens to peer into patients’ legs

At St. Mary’s Hospital a team from Imperial College London use a Hololens to see “inside” the body and to prepare surgical interventions. All of the patients first underwent CT scans, to obtain 3D images of the bones and blood vessels in the injured limb. When the HoloLens-wearing doctors were subsequently performing the surgery, those images … Read more